B2UzV4VIUAA6yj_In my projects I focus on cancer cell biology, DNA damage signalling, and viral infection, developing advanced imaging technologies such as quantitative automated microscopy and sophisticated flow cytometry assays.

Current Research: The DNA-damage network and its interplay with the human cell cycle

I am responsible for and involved in several research projects developing novel microscopy-based techniques, screening assays and flow cytometry applications to investigate the molecular regulation of cancer cell biology. An important part of my work includes project development, experimental design, data analysis and oral/written communication of results, international collaborations, as well as teaching and supervision of MSc and PhD students.

Previous Research: Development of live-cell microscopy assays to study human retroviruses

During my PhD I studied the molecular interactions of Foamy Virus, a retrovirus closely related to HIV and hepatitis, with host cells using sophisticated microscopy and flow cytometry-based assays. I was responsible for planning and execution of the project, from project conceptualization, to experiment design, laboratory research, publication and communication. Additionally I set up and managed the projects of four undergraduate students under my supervision and was involved in organizing and leading laboratory courses and lectures for university students.


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