About me

DSC_0929-2Pragmatic optimist, exercise aficionado, coffee addict, and scientist. 

I grew up in the small village of Ebersbach in the east of Germany before I went to Dresden for my undergraduate studies. After completion of my BSc in Molecular Bioengineering at the TU Dresden I got accepted to the Dresden International PhD Program, where I was working in the group of Prof. Dirk Lindemann developing live-cell microscopy assays to study human retroviruses. After my PhD, I joined the lab of Arne Lindqvist at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. There we focused on developing novel microscopy-based techniques to understand how human cells decide to divide, the signaling regulating mitotic entry and its interplay with DNA-damage checkpoints. Recently I joined AstraZeneca providing technical and scientific support in preclinical drug development.

Outside the lab I am very active in doing all kinds of different sports. I like volleyball, snowboarding and trekking, and I am doing lots of endurance running (from 10km to ultra-marathons).

For a complete CV please connect with me on LinkedIn.


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