18th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.09.40Dear Cell Cyclists,

Summer has hit Sweden, so it’s actually not the right time to spend locked-up  in the lab doing microscopy. However, I collated 4 nice resources around the topic high-content fluorescent microscopy covering the whole range from basic concepts in microscopy to advanced image analysis.

1. A video crash course to microscopy and digital images. Introducing concepts as brightness/contrast, bit-depth, gamma, LUTs, compression, file formats…

Introduction to Digital Images

2. A very nice paper introducing quantitative analysis of fluorescence microscopy images for cell-based screening

3. A great introduction to microscopy-based high-content screening

4. And finally a paper describing how to automatically identify image acquisition artifacts such as dirt or out-of-focus images (providing also a CellProfiler pipeline)


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