15th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Dear Cell Cyclists,Spumavirus_virion

Before everybody leaves for some well-deserved Christmas vacation four links to sciency resources collected from the past weeks.

1. ViralZone is a great resources for every virologist. Currently it provides 532 Virus description pages (including Foamy Viruses) and 216 pages on viral molecular biology.

2. The Library Genesis Project is a search engine for scientific articles and books, which allows access to otherwise paywalled content. So if you can’t access a paper through your institution – this is bit like Napster but pirating scientific papers. (Thanks Pim)

3. Creating box and whisker plots in Excel can be a bit tricky. So, on this page you can find a nice tool to help you out. (Thanks Lorenzo)

4. What to do when your manuscript gets rejected? – A novel, not-fully serious approach to editorial rejection letters.

Merry Christmas,

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