14th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

layout0Dear Cell Cyclists,

Today I’d like to share some interesting reads addressing the non-experimental aspects of science work – namely publications, grants, setting up a group and leading it.

1. Starting on a somewhat sad note, this blog piece analyzes the (rather long) time it takes from submission to publication: ‘Waiting to Happen: Publication lag times in Cell Biology Journals’

2. One thing manuscripts and grants have in common is the high rate of rejection. Here you can find recent grant success rates compiled by Alexis Verger.

If your grants were rejected…

3. How to give and receive grant feedback.

On the other hand, if your grants were successful…

4. How to negotiate a lab startup budget.

5. Advice for new PIs. (Quite relevant for postdocs as well.)

6. And, how to stand out in academic scientific research.


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