13th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

fpcolorpalettefigure7Dear Cell Cyclists,

Today it’s a lot about fluorescence, colors and imaging, both for microscopy and flow cytometry.

1. The Michael-Davidson Fluorescent Protein Collection “[…] has every fluorescent protein under the sun, from the standard oldies but goodies (e.g. EGFP and YFP) to the new and improved fruit colors (e.g. apple, papaya, and tomato) and the photoactivatable fluors (e.g. Phamret and Dendra).” More than 300 backbones at your fingertips on addgene.

2. In line, Michael’s lab webpage provides a very, very, very extensive resource on fluorescence microscopy, discussing techniques, trouble-shooting, microscopes, lamps, filters, cameras, detectors, lasers, proteins, fluorophores, probes, live-cell, FRET, FLIM, confocal, TIRF, FISH… you name it.

3. A DNA dye perfect for live imaging: Far-red, cell-permeable and with minimal toxicity.

4. A nice collection of flow cytometry resources on abcam, including protocols for staining, how to do compensation, immune-phenotyping, FACS or cell cycle analysis.

5. Finally, for the people at KI: A simple “one-click” plugin for Google Chrome to allow full-access to scientific articles through the KI-library proxy.


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