12th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Dear Cell Cyclists,truth-vigilantes-retractions

Hope everybody had as nice of a summer break as I did. Back in the lab here are some links, articles and papers that came up interesting during the time.

1. My favorite for the start, a scientific analysis and discussion on why it is difficult to do science right.

2. A nice review novel fluorescent protein technologies by the Campbell lab.

3. In line, (not only) for the molecular virologists, a very good review about the special requirements of fluorescent proteins in virology – “Going viral with Fluorescent Proteins”.

4. To postdoc or not to postdoc? – How To Know If You Should Leave Academia? A somewhat controversial, but interesting article with a nice infographic.

5. Finally, sounds simple, but it’s certainly worth a re-read for anybody reviewing papers: Ten simple rules for reviewing papers.


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