11th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Dear Cell Cyclists,url

Today I like to share four five interesting new imaging tools and publications. I also like to highlight again Kurt’s (outstanding) microscopy blog that features a monthly microscopy paper roundup.

1. CRISPR-based multicolor labeling of chromosomal loci in human cells

2. Similar to a technique previously developed by the Kirschner lab and our lab, Roukos and colleagues present an approach for cell cycle staging of individual cells by measuring their DNA content by fluorescence microscopy

3. Introducing MERFISH, a multiplex technique to measure thousands of different RNAs from different genes in a single cell

4. A nice ImageJ plugin to quantify cell migration, protrusions, and fluorescence intensities from live-cell imaging data

5. (Added on May 29) Just finished the blog post and promptly another cool paper comes to my attention: “Smith et al. describe a microscopy technique that instantaneously captures 3D images of live cells, allowing them to track the movement of single mRNAs in the nucleus” They call it a SMRTer way to track molecules.


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