10th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Dear Cell Cyclists,BrzqD3cIEAAxfmW

Currently I’m keeping myself occupied with paper writing. In line some articles and resources on selling your story, making great figures and getting your ideas out there:

1. Let’s start with a nice perspective on how much you should and need to sell your science and how far to develop a story before submitting.

2. As figures are the essence of a paper, a repost of this article on better figures from the PLoS ‘Ten simple rules’ series.

3. “Most bar graphs provided little more information than a table.” – A case for the less frequent use of bar graphs and better data presentation.
The authors also provide a helpful template for easy creation of scatter plots in Excel.

4. Ideally your paper has a single super-strong, self-explanatory figure. ‘The Data Visualisation Catalogue’ is a great tool to chose the right plot for your data.

5. Finally, ‘The Journal of Brief Ideas’ provides a platform for all those like me, coming up with many ideas, but can’t possibly do all the pipetting necessary to explore them.

Have a nice long weekend! I’m off kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago 🙂

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