7th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

health-mortality-research-spendSome time has passed since the last post, with me being busy doing science. But I also collected some helpful and/or resources to share with you. Btw, I really appreciate when people send suggestions and feedback. Thanks a lot. And here we go:

1. No matter if you want to do a simple Student’s t-test or a Three-way ANOVA, Nature provides a very nice collection of basic and advanced statistic resources for scientists.

2. Again at Nature they provide a nice and extensive protocol exchange of currently 2623 laboratory protocols. Everything from microscopy, basic and advance protein biochemistry, cloning, stem cells, cell cycle and DNA damage, ChIP, flow cytometry … you name it.

3. ‘Cancer kills almost a third of us, and yet we spend less than £5 per person per year researching it.’ – Sciencogram breaks down the money invested in science stacked up against the challenges tackled. Something to think about.

4. Some helpful advise when dealing with unfavorable reviews of your paper – How to convince referees and respond to reviews

5. And if arguing doesn’t help, maybe this can cheer you up if your paper got rejected – A list of significant scientific papers that got rejected. Many of these discoveries have even been awarded with the Nobel prize later.


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