5th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Dear Cell Cyclists,
Thanks to the many that signed up for this newsletter.
Here are some fresh articles and resources that got me interested during the last two weeks:

1. CRISPR has already revolutionized genome engineering and many are working to establish the technique in their lab. Addgene offers some really nice resources on the topic – guides, protocols, trouble-shooting and of course lots of plasmids. (btw, I’d bet a case of beer on a Nobel prize for CRISPR within the next five years)

2. There is frequent discussion in our lab discussions about cancer type prevalence. Case numbers, survival rates, trends and statistics from the US can be found at:

3. Ever wondered about who ‘invented’ the journal club? – The history of Journal Clubs

4. For all those that have biology PhD or are working on it the picture on top provides a nice overview of the current job landscape in academia and industry. And if you want to know how your chances are to obtain one of these precious faculty positions have a look at Science Magazine’s PI-predictor:

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