4th Cell Cyclist Newsletter

B6Xs1qYCcAEnVkXHappy New Year Cell Cyclists! And of course also to the people studying other interesting stuff. Hope you had a nice Christmas break and that  2015 is going to be an awesome science year for all of you.

But let’s get to recent sciency things that I stumbled upon:

1. A must-read for all fluorescence microscopist – The Microscopy Blog from the director of the imaging facility at UCSF. I really like the monthly roundup of recent microscopy papers.

2. A resource list of all the genes/proteins involved in DNA damage and repair.

3. Talking about DNA repair, Nico Dantuma from CMB lately got featured at ‘The people behind science’. Read his and other interviews at:

4. Andrei Chagin, group leader at FiFa developed the Author Scientific Contribution (ASC) Index – A simple and clever improvement of the impact factor. Thanks Julian for the tip!

5. Finally, a recent paper in science suggests that at least two thirds of cancers cases can be explained simply by the number of cell division in the respective tissue during a lifetime. Thus most cancers are the result of biological bad luck and cannot be prevented.


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