3rd Cell Cyclist Newsletter

Hello Cell Cyclists,Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.54.01 AM

Here come some helpful microscopy resources and other sciency things that got me interested in the last weeks:

1. A very handy complete ‎fluorescent protein table. Great way to help pick your next tag for your protein, or double check the conditions of the one you already have:

2. A guide on choosing compatible fluorescent proteins for multicolor imaging:

3. A review on the new low-fluorescence DMEM for microscopy from Life Techologies (Fluorobrite DMEM). Including example movies:

4. A paper using stochastic modeling to estimate how many people who cite a paper have actually read it:

5. A scientific search engine that provides you with a list of experts, patents, companies etc. that work with your technology, method or protein of interest:


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